Improving Efficiencies in Warehouses

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Who wouldn’t like to improve their warehousing efficiency? Intelligent use of scales in a production environment, especially a warehouse, has been proven to increase profitability. Scales ensure that you have a proper count of inventory, your product is shipped correctly and within the proper quality tolerances. Improving Efficiencies in Warehouses is easier than you think! 

Maximizing Work Flow with Scales

Most warehouse managers think that integration of weighing into their receiving area will drastically change workflows. However, installing scales can actually improve workflow efficiency.  While floor scales are the tried and true solution, maximizing the solution by the installation of loading ramps or installation of the floor scales flush with the ground is often overlooked. These simple additions allow for material to easily be loaded and unloaded onto the scale, which improves weighing times. If your current application uses pallet jacks, why not skip the floor scale and integrate weighing devices into your pallet jack? Pallet jack scales offer a unique solution to record weight while moving product from one point to another. Forklift scales are also available for larger capacity pallet weighing. Integration of weighing into forklifts provides the maximum efficiency for moving large amounts of cargo. These scales can also be set up to communicate easily over wifi for faster and quicker weight data collection and taking. Printers can also be installed in the area for wireless printed shipping labels.

Increase Efficiency with Forklift Scales

The Last Line of Quality Defense

In many production environments, scales are the last line of defense for quality control. Knowing that the appropriate weight of your final product is accurate before the product is shipped, creates an even higher quality guarantee. This, in turn, creates higher customer satisfaction and increased revenue. Our top-producing customers understand those benefits and use scales to verify that the quality of a product is within tolerances throughout their production.  The scales in your shipping warehouse can also work with existing quality assurance scales in all areas of your production facility to create an intelligent production environment.

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Importance of Preventative Maintenance

Nothing kills productivity like a broken piece of equipment. Downtime can easily be avoided just by having someone check your scales. Personal scale checklists, either weekly or daily, can also help warehouse managers stay on top of all of their material handling assets personally. Having your equipment checked and calibrated by trained scale technicians is also crucial to an efficient production operation. Scales especially should not only be calibrated at regular intervals but also examined for physical damage and foreign material build-up in unseen areas. If the scale is left reading too far out of tolerance, that can mean massive losses in revenue over time.



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