Check Weigh Just About Anything

Our Industrial Automation team have over 25 years of experience building custom check weighing solutions. We provide solutions to fit custom conveyor sizing, custom speeds, custom communications and more! Our static solutions also give you more memory storage, capacity, communications, and more!

With customer software and hardware solutions designed to fit seamlessly into your production, we can make sure your product is verified appropriately and complete going out the door.

  • CheckPlus! Static

    CheckPlus! static is your solution for process verification where tabletop check weighing systems may not work. Verification of odd shaped containers, large capacity products, or high precision applications ensures your customers always receive a complete product.

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  • CheckPlus! InMotion

    CheckPlus! InMotion is your solution for custom in motion check weighing. Unique sizing, speeds, tolerances, and resolutions allow for CheckPlus! products to fit seamlessly into your current production systems. Rejection mechanisms using photo eyes, barcode scanning and weight tolerances are also available.

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  • CheckPlus! Custom

    CheckPlus! Custom is your fully customizable solution. We have worked on systems that are not fully in motion or fully static check weighing. We provide solutions for variable speed check weighing, custom sizing and speed check weighing, and more

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  • CheckPlus! Data Collection

    CheckPlus! solutions have optional data collection software available for integration into ERP systems, shipper manifest systems, or SQL databases. This allows automated traceability for regulatory compliance, automatic restocking, all while giving you information to make decisions about your processes.

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