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truckplus truck weighing solutions

TruckPlus! is a series of truck scale software and hardware applications for weight data collection and utilization. All TruckPlus! solutions offer integration using METTLER TOLEDO and other manufacturer’s weighing equipment for advanced data collection. TruckPlus! products can be full turn-key applications or truck scale software programs used to increase the efficiency of your operations.  These programs are custom fit into your existing site to ensure that your processes are improved, not disrupted.

 TruckPlus! solutions are available in unattended or attended weighing configurations, with inbound and outbound truck weight automation capabilities standard.

  • TruckPlus! DotNetBasic

    The basic PC based version of TruckPlus! is designed to work on a single truck scale for manual attended data entry. Operators can enter vehicle identifiers and choose materials from a preset list. This solution is recommended for light applications.

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  • TruckPlus! DotNetPro

    The mid level PC version of TruckPlus! is designed to work with up to two truck-scales for manual attended or limited unattended data entry. Two quick drop down menus allow for stored vehicle tares and materials. Customizations of two additional drop-down menus can be added as well as additional customizations you may need.

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  • TruckPlus! DotNetAdvanced

    This is the most customizable version of TruckPlus! Designed for use with a PC by an operator or via an unattended weighing terminal. With TruckPlus! DotNet ADVANCED, more presets, automatic calculations for taxes and delivery, and quick customer identification prefilling are standard.

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  • TruckPlus! Terminal

    This terminal based version of TruckPlus! allows for data collection through a METTLER TOLEDO IND780 or IND570 with no PC connection. TruckPlus! 780 allows for budgeting data collection of basic inbound and outbound processes when a PC connection is not available.

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  • TruckPlus! Industry Specific

    Carlton Industrial Automation offers custom versions of TruckPlus! for industry specific applications. Currently we have TruckPlus! specifically for aggregate, scrap and truck stop needs. Additional customizations are also available!

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  • Hardware Solutions

    Carlton Industrial Automation provides customized hardware solutions and accessory options such as scoreboards, RFID, traffic poles, multi-truck weight data, unattended weighing boxes advanced custom reporting and more!

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