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The Most Reliable Vehicle Scales on the Market

most reliable truck scales

Maximize your accuracy and reliability with a vehicle scale from the Industry’s leading manufacturer.

Carlton Scale provides METTLER TOLEDO vehicle scales that are backed by the best product guarantee. Our vehicle scales are performance tested in real world scenarios throughout the entire base of the scale, not in just concentrated load points. Digital technology designed for the demands of tomorrow maximize uptime with extreme durability and intelligent preventative diagnostics. METTLER TOLEDO scales also provide unparalleled accuracy needed to maximize your business. If you need to purchase a new vehicle scale or up fit your current vehicle scale with our digital technology, let’s talk about how we can increase the the efficiencies of your operation.

What To Consider For Vehicle Weighing Applications


POWERCELL® Load Cells are the toughest, most reliable, and accurate load cells on the market.


    The flagship load cell is the POWERCELL® PDX®. Unparalleled lightning protection, digital compensation, and no junction boxes needed. This is the most advanced load cell in the world. The POWERCELL® PDX® load cell offers truly digital performance in a hermetically sealed enclosure, providing unparalleled accuracy and durability. Read more about our PDX® Load cell technology in our News!


    The budget friendly GDD® load cell provides exceptional performance through a hermetically sealed design. The same durability you have come to know METTLER TOLEDO from is in a budget friendly durable design.

Weighbridge Options

Intelligently designed weigh bridges to last for decades to come.

  • Steel Deck

    METTLER TOLEDO steel deck truck scales are the best designed in the world. With a continuous weld and othotropic rib design, similar to bridge engineering, our truck scales last longer than the competition. Ask about the difference between our testing and CLC testing.

  • Concrete Deck

    Using the same advanced orthotropic rib design as our steel deck scales, concrete deck truck scales, METTLER TOLEDO concrete deck scales are designed to last for years to come.


The Industry's Most Powerful Warranty...Period

  • Parts and Labor Included

    METTLER TOLEDO provides the simplest, most powerful warranty on the market for vehicle scales. Load cells and weigh bridges are covered 100% for repair parts, labor, travel time, AND mileage from Carlton Scale to your location.

  • 5/10 year Protection

    Depending on your truck scale model, your scale will come with either a five or ten year warranty on the weigh bridge and load cells. This means your investment is protected for years to come.

  • Strike Shield

    Has your scale ever been hit by lightning? Lightning strikes are covered for the duration of your warranty on the supplied electronic scale parts and terminals for all parts, labor, travel time, and mileage.


Weigh Better® with accessories that take your truck scale to the next level.

  • TruckPlus!

    With Carlton Industrial Automation’s TruckPlus! software, your truck weighing system becomes an unprecedented efficiency system. Our Industrial Automation team custom designs the software to pull the data you need out of your vehicle weighing process.

  • Remote Displays and Siderails

    For legal for trade applications, score boards are a requirements, for everyone else they make process so much easier. Side rails also promote safety for vehicle operators as well as keeps your scale safe in the event of a driver running off the side of the scale.

  • Ticket Printing

    Ticket printers and appropriate auto filling software is available for vehicle weighing systems. This can be a simple way to make sure your truck drivers do not have to leave their vehicles unattended to get tickets from a scale house.

  • Unattended Weighing Boxes

    Carlton Industrial Automation offers unattended weighing solutions to make sure your process is operating as efficiently as possible. These solutions allow for 24/7 operation with accountability still provided.

Related Products

  • VTC / VTS 100 Series

    Our Entry level concrete and steel deck truck scales are perfect for light truck weighing applications in a variety of industries. These scales come with a 5 year warranty for parts and labor on both the weigh bridge and load cells.

  • 7560 and 7563 Scales

    Designed specifically for over the road scales, the 7560 series are perfect for moderate to heavy volume over the road truck weighing applications with the lowest profile of any of our vehicle scales. These scales have a full parts and labor 10 year warranty on both the weigh bridge and load cells.

  • VTC / VTS 2XX Series

    The 22X series of truck scales are built to last. With advanced othrotopic rib design has proven performance to last for decades to come. These scales include a full 10 year warranty for parts and labor, including travel time, on both the weighbridge and load cells.

  • VRS Family

    The world's toughest rail scales utilizing the advanced POWERCELL® PDX® technology. All of the benefits of truck weighing are now found in rail scales as well, including a full 10 year warranty!

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