Counting Scales

Effortless Packing, Piece Counting, and Quality Assurance

Carlton Scale offers METTLER TOLEDO counting scales that range from high-resolution analytical balances to rugged floor scales for heavy loads. We have the product and solution that will help you efficiently manage your materials. Our Counting Scale solutions can also easily be incorporated into an inventory management system to help you increase your productivity while achieving reliable control over incoming and outgoing materials. Ask your local Carlton Scale representative about the product and solutions to help you achieve optimum counting results.

Related Products

  • Basic Counting Scales

    METTLER TOLEDO counting scales such as the ICS241 are for simple counting applications with limited data communication and storage

  • Advanced Counting Scales

    Advanced counting scales are rugged counting platforms with or without softtouch keypads and colorWeightâ„¢ technology.

  • Premium Counting Scales

    Rugged counting scale for sophisticated applications with colorWeightâ„¢ technology and advanced connectivity options for data management.

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