Engineering, Machinery and Equipment

Technological Weighing for Manufacturing

The production environment of the future is going to require intelligent and advanced solutions to be able to operate effectively. Weight-based automation solutions for customers in the engineering, machinery, and equipment industry are our specialty. From the most advanced PLC systems to the simplest weigh module solutions, METTLER TOLEDO scales are the best solutions for weighing equipment for manufacturing

Easy integration and competent global support are vital interests in weighing equipment for manufacturing. Carlton Scale, through METTLER TOLEDO, offers solutions that are application and industry-specific. They are made to be integrated into comprehensive systems. Mechanical, electrical, and data integration are facilitated by observing and supporting international standards. Competent service and worldwide support ensure optimum performance and reliable, long-term operation.

METTLER TOLEDO products and weighing systems are designed as the safest, most accurate weighing devices in the world. Our Carlton Industrial Automation team offers customized solutions designed to fit your production seamlessly.


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