Scale Self Service Guide

  •  My scale is not weighing correctly

    • When was the last time you had your scale calibrated?
    • Is there any material preventing the scale platform from pushing on the load cell
    • Do a visual inspection of the scale to ensure there is no damage
    • Is the scale level?
  • My Display will not light up

    • Is the indicator plugged in?
    • Is there power to the indicator
    • Look for an on / off button on the indicator that may have been switched
    • Check for any lose connections between the power source and the scale terminal
    • If a Mettler Toledo IND570 / IND780, is the screen saver function on
  • I cannot “0″ my scale

    • Is the scale in Net Mode?
    • Is the scale weight drifting one way or the other?
    • Are you out of the “0″ range appropriate for your scale?
  • My Operators need more training. Where can I start?

    • Always ensure to train operators on correct scale functions such as:
      • Differences between 0 and Tare
      • Where to place the weight on the scale
      • Wait until the readout has “settled”
  • Can I just turn the scale on and off again?

    • Do this if the scale will not power up
    • Do a power cycle if the indicator is “hung” or displaying the same weight without change.
    • If the scale is showing “–” or “e”

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