Count With Confidence

Have you ever needed to count something that’s a little odd? Are your boxes a different shape than standard? Maybe your boxes are abnormally long or possibly too heavy for traditional counting scales. Carlton Industrial Automation specializes in the odd with custom counting solutions.

CountPlus! systems are either terminal or PC based software solutions that utilize weight data combined with accessories such as part photos and barcode scanners to give an accurate count of the product inside of a container. Our counting solutions can be stand-alone products for static weighing or in conjunction with FillPlus! for target container filling.

As with all of our -Plus! products, data collection, PLC utilization, and ERP integration are standard to ensure that your production line becomes smarter over time with the most accurate data available.

  • CountPlus! Static

    CountPlus! Static allows you to turn any scale into a counting scale. This is primarily used in scenarios where odd container sizes or weights require more creative solutions. CountPlus! Static allows for creative counting solutions that fit into your production, not the other way around.

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  • CountPlus! Fill

    CountPlus! Fill is our most popular version of CountPlus! Often used in conjunction with our filling solutions. These are solutions that will give exact counts for filling where a certain number of pieces are required to be in a container. Once the tolerance is reached, the CountPlus! solution will trigger the filling solution to either stop or slowly feed in until tolerance is hit exactly.

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