Unique Weighing Accessories

unique weighing accessories

Carlton Scale offers different weighing accessory options for compact printers, truck scale scoreboards, barcode scanners, bluetooth transmitters, and more! These devices are designed to supplement your weighing experience and ensure that your facility is optimized for the future.

There are a wide variety of weighing accessories available. Contact one our representatives for a specific issue you may have that can be solved with weighing accessories

Related Products

  • Printers

    Printers offer quick and easy ways to print labels, barcodes, and identification documents using weight data.

  • Communication Peripherals

    Communication peripherals allow for advanced communication and data splitting on existing scale terminals to different PLC's or other databases.

  • Scoreboards

    Scoreboards offer quick and easy ways to display weight from Truck Scales, in plants, or in other applications.

  • ACM360

    The ACM360 will turn almost any METTLER TOLEDO terminal into a bluetooth device, allowing for advanced wireless communication

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