Moisture Analyzers

Trusted Results From a Single Touch

Carlton Scale offers a wide range of METTER TOLEDO moisture analyzers that deliver outstanding results. If you are doing routine moisture determination or spot checks, our precision moisture analyzers are available to help.

The HCXXX series of moisture analyzers from METTLER TOLEDO are proven weighing technology with some of the fastest halogen heating times in the world. With convent One Click™ operation, real time drying curves, and a robust space saving designs, METTLER TOLEDO halogen moisture analyzers deliver superb performance and user comfort.


Related Products

  • HE Family

    Accurate, repeatable results in a cost effective solution. This simple to use analyzer gives fast, accurate moisture measurements that even untrained operators can read.

  • HC Family

    The Standard convenient, clever, and robust moisture analyzers are easy to clean and easy to use. The HC family of analyzers have familiar touchscreen operations and user guidance.

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