Stop Slow Counts, Start Counting

Counting scales are used to count how many parts or pieces are in a container, from large nuts and bolts to the smallest screw or even individual sheets of a paper manual.

Counting scales work by taking a small sample of the product, for example, 10 pieces, and recording that weight. When more pieces are put onto the scale, it will do the mathematical equation based on the sample weight to determine how many pieces are in a container.

Carlton Scale offers METTLER TOLEDO counting scales that range from high-resolution analytical balances to rugged floor scales for heavy loads. Most of METTLER TOLEDO’s counting scales come with the unique colorWeight™ feature giving a quick reaction for human-based filling and packing with customizable color prompts on the display itself.

Our Counting Scale solutions can also easily be incorporated into an inventory management system to help you increase your productivity while achieving reliable control over incoming and outgoing materials.



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