More Than Just A Display

Carlton Scale distributes industrial scale terminals manufactured by METTLER TOLEDO. These terminals range from simple, easy to use for straightforward weighing to advanced instruments that can accumulate data, control systems, operate peripheral equipment, communicate with computers, monitor scales and much more. These instruments are designed to meet the weighing needs of almost any industry and any application with the highest degree of performance, accuracy, and reliability available in the market.

Related Products

  • IND780

    The most advanced METTLER TOLEDO terminal. Multiple scale control, leading automation capabilities, and rugged design make this a must for advanced weighing processes.

  • IND570

    The IND570 is a state of the art terminal with advanced communication capabilities for the production of the future. A full numeric keypad, advanced communication, and a rugged design have made this terminal an industry standard.

  • ICS Indicators

    Our popular counting solutions are now available for many different scale bases. Innovative colorWeight® technology allows for quick weight determination

  • Basic Indicators

    Our basic Indicators are even more than simple displays. Models with input methods, rugged design, and advanced communication options give you the flexibility your facility needs

  • DIN Mounted Terminals

    Terminals such as the ACT350 and IND131 are din-rain mounted weighing terminals for PLC systems. Running at high communication speeds, these terminals are ideal for automated processes.

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