Hazardous Area Scales

Safe and Secure Hazardous Weighing 

Carlton Scale offers METTLER TOLEDO hazardous area scales which are designed to be intrinsically safe and suited for weighing in appropriate applications.

METTLER TOLEDO hazardous area scales are approved for use in areas designated by the United States National Electrical Code (NES) with equipment designed meeting requirements of Underwriters Labratories Inc (UL), and Factory Mutual (FM)

Related Products

  • IND226X Terminal

    Basic Hazardous Weighing terminal designed for harsh environments. Supports basic weighing, over/under, and manual filling with clear, tare, print, and zero functions.

  • IND560X Terminal

    The advanced weighing terminal designed for use in Zone 1/21 and Div. 1 approved areas. Allows for advanced PLC communications and controls in hazardous areas with a large LCD display.

  • Viper EX Bench Scales

    Hazardous bench scale designed for use in Zone and class 1, Div 1 areas. Available in standard load cell and MonoBloc load cells. Available in capacities ranging from 6lbs (3kg) to 60 lb (30kg)

  • PBA__x Family

    Highly durable, full stainless steel bench platforms for use in a hazardous area. Available in capacities ranging from 5lb (3kg) to 1,000lbs (600kg)

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