5 Common Scale Myths

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Scales shouldn’t be a mystery. In fact, they should be one of the most reliable aspects of your production workflow! Below are five common scale myths and ways to stay ahead of costly problems.

1) “All Scales are the Same”

There are many different kinds of scales, each designed to meet a unique set of challenges. Counting scales, high precision scales, floor scales, and truck scales all have a varied range of service requirements. A truck scale may need parts greased in order to move properly, while a laboratory balance may need more precise cleaning to clear foreign material from the scale.

2) “Outside Influences don’t affect weighing”

Like putting your foot on a bathroom scale when someone else is on it, different outside factors can affect weighing accuracy. Vibrations, air drafts, temperature fluctuations, electrostatic charges, and binding all affect weighing differently. Being aware of these different factors and how they affect weighing are incredibly important to any weighing application.

3) “Scales don’t need attention after the initial install “

Like your car, even the best-designed scales need maintenance to ensure that they are always weighing appropriately. In some cases, product or foreign material can build up and cause the scale to weigh incorrectly. A number of other factors can cause scales to lose their calibration. Scale platforms can also become damaged by heavy usage and cause any number of significant issues or concerns

4) “You only have to calibrate it once”

Even digital scales need to be calibrated at regular intervals. Most applications require precise weighing of product which will require regular check-ins with traceable weights to ensure your weighing is always accurate. Different environmental factors can cause scales to lose their calibration. If your truck scale is impacted by lightning strikes, flooding, or rodent infestation, your scale could become out of calibration. Typically floor scales can be subject to forklift operators bumping into a scale, also causing them to become out of calibration.

5) “How can you stay one step ahead?”

Carlton Scale has been a top provider of weighing equipment since 1946. In that time, we have handled a wide range of applications and seen it all. Our commitment to technological advances when it comes to scales keeps us ahead of problems that can affect your specific industry. Having technicians on your side who are committed to understanding your process means you have a partner to assist you with a variety of factors which negatively influence your scales.

Our trained application and service engineers have over 70 years of experience for any kind of scale application and can give your scales the specific attention they need.

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