Check Weighing: Key to Efficient Production

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Check weighing is the process of verifying the quality of an end product by its weight. Check weighing has long been a key element of production operations due to their fast nature of the operation, affordability and low error rate, when set up and calibrated correctly. Check weighing is the secret weapon of the most efficient productions. Check weighers often come in different forms from fully integrated conveyor belt check weighing to bench top verification scales.

Data Collection, Quality Assurance, and Audits

Most benchtop check weighers have onboard storage of product numbers, a number of weight readings per day, and other important data. Space for that data, however, can be limited. With advanced benchtop check weighers, data storage can be done from a centralized location for virtually limitless data storage capacity.  This allows you to avoid costly fines and long auditing processes. Even more advanced terminals, and CheckPlus! products allow for centralized data capture so that your quality assurance can become centralized. With centralized data, your auditing process is as simple as filtering a spreadsheet. No more paper and ticket tracking

Material Cost

How much product do you give away? This is an important question that all production managers need to be concerned about every day. Check weighing is your last line of defense to ensure you are not giving your product away for free. Having even a single check weighing system in your production will pay for itself simply for ensuring that you are sending the correct amount of product to your customers. Check weighers also allow managers to save labor and personnel costs caused by manual quality assurance checks and long product auditing.

Branding and Customer Satisfaction

Making sure the customer receives all of the product they have paid for is obvious. Exclusion of parts, pieces, or even portions of the product is absolutely unacceptable in today’s markets. As production grows the challenge to deliver becomes harder and harder. Check weighers allow for you to ensure that customers are getting the product they need at the quality they have come to expect.

Check weighing is the easiest place for you to see how weighing can increase your profits. With check weighing systems in place, the production process can continue to increase and profits can continue to grow.

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