Cost Effective Automation

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Now that you know why it is important to automate your facility, we can look at very simple and easy ways to incorporate cost-effective automation for immediate ROI. These simple changes have helped our customers increase productivity and improve quality control.

Barcodes and Smart Label Printing

If you are relying only on text-based labels for identification, you are missing an opportunity to make your process more efficient. Barcode reading can be used in combination with centralized databases to track pieces, set tolerances, prompt operators in formulation processes, and track product through each stage of your process. Many METTLER TOLEDO scales are able to work directly with barcode scanners to store, send, and utilize scanned data. Barcode readers reduce errors and ensure actionable data is available to improve operator efficiency. Labels do more than simply identify your product as well. Intelligent label printing allows for operator identification, production dates, lot tracking, tolerance data, and more to be incorporated into the label itself. Instead of manually entering or relying on operators to know these facts, efficiency is just a scan away.

See How We Incorporated Smart Label Printing In A Recent Application


USB Data Back-Up of Production Data

By incorporating centralized data tracking, trends can be spotted before they cost you millions. Large centralized databases can be costly to implement and existing equipment may not work with new PLC’s. USB data collection is now available on a number of weighing devices. This allows for local capture of weight data which can be uploaded to a central point at a later date. The only hindrance is the capacity of the thumb drive attached to the scale base. Software, such our Carlton Industrial Automation’s -Plus! software allows the USB weight data to be optimized to get the data you need to make decisions about your processes with customizable reporting.



Stoplights are designed as they are because we biologically respond differently to the colors red, yellow, and green. These same concepts can be applied to production processes. ColorWeight® allows for quick response to weight data and out of tolerance products. Try METTLER TOLEDO’s interactive tool and see how quickly you can tell the difference with colorWeight ®. Speed up manual processes while eliminating over and underfilling and monitor more automated check weighing processes from afar.

Automation does not have to be outside of the realm of possibility for your company. Cost-effective solutions are attainable for your production. Request a free asset evaluation and let us spot ways to help make you more efficient.

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