Weighing Safety First

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At Carlton Scale, we pride ourselves on providing safe products and resources for our customers in a safe environment for our employees. Our safety slogan is “Weigh Safety 1st” and that commitment is a core pillar of our business, which carries to not only our employees but also to our customers. The below blog post is written by Heather Wilkinson, the Carlton Scale safety coordinator!

Our employees are our top asset here at Carlton and we undoubtedly want them to be safe. We use a baseline of zero incidents as our performance measure for safety in order to provide the safest environment.

One of the many measures we are taking to be Weigh Better is our Monday morning safety briefing. This is a meeting at each of our branch locations first thing Monday morning to get all of our employees focused on safety at the start of the week. We explore lessons learned from the prior week and discuss any upcoming safety concerns for scheduled jobs. This provides our team members a forum to communicate openly about safety to share information with each other.  During these meetings, many of our technicians will submit first-hand reviews for us to discuss internally.

The following is an excerpt of our Monday Morning Safety Brief submitted by Jeremy Stuart, a fantastic technician in our Knoxville branch: “This week we wanted to talk about always being aware of the job at hand. There are a lot of times where we do the same job and we tend to go through the motions without taking the time to step back and see if the environment around us has changed. There are always new risks. We need to take the time to step back, go through all of the possible risks, and focus on the job on hand especially after having time off for vacation or even just the weekend.”

Carlton Scale values its employees and truly wants them to return home each day the same way they came to work! We Weigh Safety 1st!

Being Weigh Better includes being the safest scale provider in our territories, not only for our employees but also for our customers. That commitment to safety will show on all of our projects from our application engineers, our service managers, our technicians, and anyone in between.

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