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It’s a Monday morning, you just got to work, coffee in hand, and you find out from the weekend shift manager that a forklift operator dropped the pallet a little too hard onto your production line floor scale. Of course it’s not working correctly, and no one can figure out which load cell is causing issues. You place a call to your normal service provider who can’t show up for a few days. When they finally arrive, they tell you the entire scale needs to be replaced, and of course it will be a few weeks before they can have the direct replacement.

Sounds like a heck of a week huh? How much time, product, and money did that one simple mistake cost your production line? Replacement costs for the scale, call service costs that really didn’t fit your schedule, and not to mention productivity loss. What if you could have prevented the issue in the first place?

Real World Designed– With You In Mind

METTLER TOLEDO took the time to study common problems that floor scale customers experience. Their results found that the best managers make floor scale purchasing decisions based on the product’s ability to:

Of those factors, durability was the largest complaint from the managers. A forklift driver may knock into the scale or drop a pallet causing the load cells to overload. Both of which will at least cause accuracy issues with the latter meaning serious scale damage. Floor scale operators need scales that can hold up to the day to day operations.

Repair costs are another factor for managers. Floor scales are one of the most repaired pieces of weighing equipment for many facilities. It gets even more problematic with low cost floor scales where it may be tempting to purchase a new scale rather than fix your current one. Is this really the best way to handle equipment issues? Shouldn’t scales be more advanced and last longer than that?

The Scale of the Future

Manufacturing is moving towards smarter equipment with the industrial internet of things and predictive diagnostics. Why can’t floor scales utilize the most advanced technology to prevent costly repairs and even warn users of failed load cells? Can floor scales warn operators of shock-load, debris build up, or even that it is time to re-calibrate the scale? What if proactive correction of issues can happen in real time as your operators are using the scale in their day to day?

Smart floor scales will help those operators by guiding them to the correct way to weigh and ensure that human error is decreased. The scale of the future will give graphical rendering of optimal weighing zones to make sure that weighing is easily repeatable and safe to the equipment, causing drastic accuracy improvements from the first weight reading.

Smart floor scales will also include advanced digital compensation, which will proactively know the average performance of the load cell and compensate for any issues that may be presented with that scale. Each load cell will have a special chip inside that can understand normal operations of that load cell. It will monitor overloaded load cells, environmental variations, vibrations, and even if the load cells are not able to be found.

All of these smart features mean that production line manager will be able to save thousands simply by incorporating a longer lasting, highly accurate, more durable floor scale. Advanced technology will become standard and the savings will more than pay for the cost of the scale.

The Smart Floor Scale That Can Save You Thousands

The METTLER TOLEDO PowerDeck™ might be the most durable floor scale to come out of METTLER TOLEDO’s design labs, and more importantly it can save you thousands. PowerDeck™ floor scales utilize POWERCELL® technology, the same digital load cells found in our popular truck scales and weigh modules. This floor scale eliminates the junction box, provides predictive diagnostics, is more accurate than competitors, and more durable than other leading floor scales while maintaining accuracy in the new 6,000e/10,000e classes.

The PowerDeck™ includes unique features that set it apart in the market including digital load cell networking, predictive diagnostics, operator guidance, digital compensation, and exceptional durability thanks to the VERTEX™ scale system design. These are the smart floor scales of the future, and they can save you thousands.

Request a free download of the METTLER TOLEDO PFD 7__ family data sheet to learn more, see available capacity and additional options!

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