Personal Platforms and Lifting Devices

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When you use overhead and mobile cranes and want to make your lifing process simpler and safe, what do you use?

This company in Chattanooga, Tennessee use all type of lifting devices. They care about their safety so they brought in the professionals to inspect, tag and train on the proper use of these lifting devices. Throughout the morning crane operators roll in and out of the crane yard picking up spreader bars, adjustable lifters, pans and persoanl platforms.

Hiring a master rigger and NCCCO mobile crane operator helped to ensure proper lifting was accomplished and that everyone on the site understood about the proper ways to lift. During the inspection some minor items were noticed pertaining to pins for shackles, hand signal charts, shackles that were not moused, but overall a great group of riggers staying on top to minimize descrepancies. Great job Tomahawk Crane & Rigging.

Thank you Tomahawk Crane & Rigging for giving us the opportunity to inspect and train the operators and riggers on the proper techniques.

If you have mobile or overhead cranes, rigging devices, lifting devices, and want to be compliant with the required Periodic (Annual) inspections, contact Joe Crews at or call him directly at (336) 840-7589.

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