Periodic Crane Inspection & Maintenance Training

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What a great week to be in Welcome, North Carolina. Spent the 5 days working with 8 wonderful exciting employees of Adaptec Solutions. The flew in from Rochester, New York and Texas and even drove from Ft. Mill, South Carolina. All looking for the same thing?

How to inspect Overhead Cranes, Hoists and systems. How you say? Very carefully. Using the 5 days of extensive training covering a wide range of material, these 8 students showed their curiosity, intrique and determination to strive to become the very best Overhead Crane Inspectors they could be.

And yes, they all past their final examinations and now go out to perform quality and precise inspections reassuring their customers that there cranes are in tip top shape and if not, here is what you need to do to replace, repair or upgrade to be 100% OSHA compliant.

I always like to feature the company that gave me the opportunity to train their employees. Adaptec Solutions: We are a full-service company for material handling and automation applications serving customers across a broad spectrum of manufacturing and warehousing/distribution industries. At Adaptec, our full-service capability starts with the Design/Build phase partnering with our customers to develop and manufacture unique solutions that meet their specific needs.

Below you can see the students inspecting, dis-assembly, reassemble, calibrate, measure the hoist systems to ensure compliance. Great job to all who have completed the training.

When you have cranes and need them inspected, repaired, replaced or modified, know your in good hands when you have been trained by Carlton Group/CCTI Instructors. Contact me directly to schedule your training at your facility or our Brand New facility located in Charlotte, North Carolina. Contact me at Joe Crews (336)840-7589 or

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