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Carlton Group Acquires Everest Scale, Inc.

Carlton Group Further Extends Core Business Capabilities Through Acquisition of Everest Scale, Inc. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 7/1/2022 Carlton Group, a premier provider of industrial weighing and measuring services, has announced today that it has finalized the acquisition of Everest Scale, Inc., a locally owned and globally connected weighing solutions firm headquartered in South Carolina. Everest…

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One Simple Way To Keep Your Truck Scale Making Money

Ever had a truck scale break down in the middle of the day when trucks are lined up to weigh in? That problem probably stresses you out as much as it stresses us out. Truck scales are supposed to be items that are designed to make money and it seems like they cost more and…

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What Does the Fourth Industrial Revolution Mean for Weighing Equipment?

Have you heard of the fourth industrial Revolution yet? This is the technical revolution that is currently making its way through every aspect of manufacturing. Big data collection, automation, artificial intelligence, and more will revolutionize production enviroments in ways that have not been seen since the steam and electricity revolutionized how these systems run.   …

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    Carlton Group Further Extends Core Business Capabilities through acquisition of Everest Scale, Inc.